Madtraxx Explains Why He Stopped Working With Mejja

Madtraxx recently opened up about the circumstances that led to the split of The Kansoul, a music group consisting of Madtraxx, Mejja, and Kid Kora. In an interview with the Iko Nini Podcast, Madtraxx revealed that he and Mejja had significant differences when it came to music production. While Madtraxx wanted to explore and experiment with their music, Mejja’s main focus was solely on producing hit songs.

Madtraxx explained, “I am ready to experiment with music, but Mejja… I can’t claim to know his entire background, but Mejja is probably more concerned about his family, including his mom and his brother. If it’s about making music, we have to make hits; there’s no time for experimenting. My intention was to elevate the game when everyone else was doing what we were doing, which eventually became known as gengetone. It became a formula, a template. But I can’t stand starting from a template. I can’t repeat the same thing. I want to experiment and bring something new.”

Referring to their hit song “No Woman No Party,” Madtraxx mentioned that Mejja was not convinced of its success. He stated, “‘No Woman No Party’ was a fictional song created by The Kansoul. Kora and I believed in it, but Mejja simply loves the song and doesn’t think we should shoot a video for it. I was willing to take musical risks, but he was not.”

Madtraxx also addressed Kid Kora’s allegations of not feeling appreciated by the group. He expressed his surprise and confusion about Kora’s statements, saying, “I don’t know why he didn’t feel appreciated, but to be honest, when he said those things, I was taken aback. Korra joined us through my invitation, so for him to say all those things, it affected me. However, I believe that life is much sweeter when you forgive. So, I have forgiven him for what he said.”

In conclusion, Madtraxx shed light on the divergent perspectives within The Kansoul, with himself desiring to experiment with music while Mejja focused solely on producing hit songs. Additionally, he expressed his willingness to take risks and explore new musical territories, while some of his group members were not as receptive. Despite Kid Kora’s claims of feeling unappreciated, Madtraxx has chosen to forgive and move forward.