Mali Ni Safi Sasa! Kinuthia Leaves Kenyans Confused After Getting A Vajacial Wax -

Mali Ni Safi Sasa! Kinuthia Leaves Kenyans Confused After Getting A Vajacial Wax

Renowned crossdresser and content creator Kelvin Kinuthia, known for pushing the boundaries of gender expression, recently stirred a whirlwind of reactions on social media. The controversy erupted when he shared a daring picture of himself getting a Vajacial, a beauty treatment typically associated with individuals having female genitalia.

In the photo, Kinuthia can be seen at a beauty parlor, getting the infamous wax treatment, accompanied by the caption, “Mali ni safi sasa🥰 baby am ready❤️ The night will be long🥰 I did my waxing and vajacial with the best.”

The image ignited a frenzy of comments, leaving Kenyans both amazed and bewildered, as they speculated on whether Kinuthia had undergone gender reassignment surgery.

One user humorously commented, “Mtu anitafutie huyo Dem atuambie kitu tunataka kujua” (Someone find that lady and tell us what’s going on). Another remarked, “Waaahh this is funny🤣🤣💀💀💀 That lady must be traumatized ni vile ako job she has to maintain professionalism 🤭🤣🤣 She might need therapy after this! 😂💀.”

Yet another user jokingly pondered, “Also ni vajacial ama penicial? Which is which. 😂😂😂🤭🤭Anyway, I have laughed, Thanks for entertaining us, Kinuthia for free 😂.”

Despite the speculation and amusement, it remains unclear whether Kinuthia has undergone gender reassignment surgery. What is clear, however, is that Kinuthia possesses the unique ability to keep the public engaged and talking about his unconventional journey.

In a related post from last week, Kinuthia shared a picture of himself as a young child, revealing that he had been bullied for being overweight and called ugly. He juxtaposed this image with a recent one, proudly asserting that he had transformed into a more attractive individual than the women his childhood bullies were now dating.

Kinuthia has previously claimed that he receives attention from men who find him attractive, yet he has consistently maintained his heterosexual orientation while expressing his desire to explore his feminine side.

The controversial crossdresser continues to challenge societal norms and ignite conversations about gender, beauty, and self-expression, ensuring that his online presence remains a hot topic of discussion among Kenyans and beyond.