Pastor Ng’ang’a Sparks Controversy for Collecting KSh 1000 Notes from Congregants in Exchange for Bottled Water

Preacher James Ng’ang’a caused a significant uproar online after a video emerged showing him collecting KSh 1000 notes from his congregants in exchange for bottled water.

In the video, Ng’ang’a is seen preaching before pausing to inform his church members that they would need to pay KSh 1000 for each bottle of water they take. He is also seen mocking those who couldn’t afford the money, instructing them to hand over their shoes and to sit at the back of the church.

“I want to see. I gave you water. And you will pay, everyone, KSh 1000. Everyone owes me. Bring KSh 1000. Bring my money. You have angered me. You can’t drink my water for free. If you don’t have it, bring your shoes. If you don’t have shoes, don’t sit in the front row, sit at the back,” he said.

The video sparked widespread condemnation from netizens, who criticized the preacher for taking money from people and shaming those who genuinely couldn’t afford to pay.

Here are some reactions from social media users:

@harrietkemunto1 commented: “Strong-arm robbery.”

@yungdollar7 remarked: “If you don’t have it, sit back there with the two hundred.”

@opuravictor noted: “But they gave, right?”

@doreen_havilah asked: “Why are you upsetting the commander?”

@otieno_isss wondered: “I wonder how this church is filled with congregants.”

@unbothered_wairimu added: “When taxes are increased, we are silent. Ng’ang’a is collecting his creatively. Robbery without violence. We are so touched by Ng’ang’a but not by the Government. Why are you upset?”