‘Tukome! wewe Chiwawa,hukutusaidia’ – Carol Katrue angrily claps back at KRG

Caro Katrue, the partner of Miracle Baby, has responded to Kenyan dancehall artiste KRG the Don’s accusations regarding their handling of Miracle’s illness and their alleged exploitation of Kenyans. KRG claimed they disrespected President William Ruto’s assistance.

In an interview with Kenyan Online Media, Katrue refuted KRG’s assertions, stating they merely requested continuity in treatment when advised to change surgeons, fearing it might disrupt Miracle’s progress. She explained that despite their pleas, representatives sent by the president, including Jaguar and KRG, pressured them to accept the hospital recommended by Ruto to avoid appearing ungrateful.

“We were taken to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), but I pleaded with Jaguar not to change surgeons midway as the one already handling Miracle’s case knew his medical history well. However, we were told that if we failed to comply, it would reflect poorly on us, so we cooperated and went,” she recounted.

Additionally, Katrue clarified that KRG suggested allocating funds from the Ksh300,000 provided by Ruto for paying journalists for PR purposes. She emphasized that the remaining balance was utilized for their daily needs and rent.

“KRG the Don advised us to allocate Ksh10,000 for journalists out of the Ksh300,000 for PR purposes. We received Ksh300K from our beloved president, whom we cherish deeply. However, we were accused of tarnishing his name. I personally texted the president, urging for assistance, and only after repeated pleas did the funds arrive. The rest was used for household expenses and rent since I wasn’t employed,” she clarified.

Expressing her frustration, Katrue criticized KRG for his insensitivity, claiming he never extended a helping hand to them despite their pleas. She accused him of hypocrisy for accusing them of ingratitude while ignoring their requests for assistance.

Furthermore, she condemned content creators like Weezdom for exploiting Miracle Baby’s situation for media content.

“KRG should desist from his accusations. Let him disclose how much he contributed to Peter’s treatment. He avoids answering calls and only interferes when it suits him. Stop using Miracle Baby’s situation for content creation. If KRG visits me, he’ll see me working while breastfeeding. He shouldn’t expect me to work with a nursing baby. The president’s son should focus on his work!” she vented.

Katrue’s response follows KRG’s criticism of them, accusing them of exploiting innocent Kenyans and misrepresenting President Ruto’s assistance.

In response, KRG urged them to accept help without unreasonable demands and criticized their alleged pursuit of financial gain.

“These people seem to view Kenyans as ATMs. Don’t fall for their schemes, or you’ll be manipulated. You must be discerning. Those guiding you are leading you astray. You had a chance for treatment, but your actions are unjust. Firstly, you’re ungrateful. If someone offers help, accept it graciously,” KRG remarked.