KRG The Don: Why I called Stevo Simple Boy a Scarecrow

In a recent interview with Mpasho, KRG The Don addressed the criticism he received for calling Stevo Simple Boy a scarecrow, responding to his supporters who believed he had crossed a line. Don defended himself by highlighting that he, too, had faced various forms of name-calling.

“People often question why I have light skin, and some go as far as mocking me for it. Andrew Kibe has been consistently referring to me as a donkey,” he expressed.

Furthermore, Don clarified his perspective on the situation, stating, “Stevo initiated the conflict, and I was simply minding my own business. One thing about me is that when someone engages in a feud with me, I will give them the attention they seek and respond accordingly. I’m not sure who is advising Stevo, be it his management or someone else, but he picked the wrong opponents.”

When asked about his thoughts on claims that Stevo possesses more talent than he does, Don dismissively remarked, “Kenyans tend to gravitate towards individuals with distinctive appearances. You watch his songs primarily because of his looks, nothing more.”

In addition to his statements, KRG The Don announced the release of his latest song, “Mambo Imechemka,” which features Dufla Diligon and Uganda’s Daddy Andre.