Emmanuel Ngetich: Meet a Billionaire Who Turned Junk Boeing Plane Into Luxurious Club -

Emmanuel Ngetich: Meet a Billionaire Who Turned Junk Boeing Plane Into Luxurious Club

In a groundbreaking venture, Emmanuel Ngetich, the proprietor of Club 034, has raised the bar in Kenya’s entertainment scene. Ngetich’s visionary idea to convert a grounded Boeing 720 airplane into an extraordinary club experience has captured the attention of the nation.

The aircraft, which had been parked at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for numerous years, was acquired from Kenya Airways (KQ). The more than half-century-old plane was transported to its final destination in Kitengela with a contingent of police outriders, marking the beginning of its transformation.

Ngetich revealed that his decision to purchase the plane was inspired by a trip to Bangkok, where he witnessed the success of a similar concept at Chang Chui, an entertainment and shopping hub built around a grounded Lockheed TriStar. He was fascinated by the idea and determined to bring a similar experience to Kenya.

The plane, now named Na-Oh, has become a daily “grounded flight” that takes patrons on culinary adventures and pleasures. Ngetich hopes to revolutionize the entertainment scene in the country, drawing on his unforgettable memories of Bangkok’s vibrant atmosphere.

The acquisition of the airplane cost Ngetich Ksh 1 million shillings. However, the transportation alone, covering a distance of over 25 kilometers to Kitengela, cost him more than that amount. Flash Mwatha, the engineer responsible for designing the restaurant, revealed that the overall cost, including refurbishment, ranged from Ksh 6 million to Ksh 8 million.

The aircraft, known as the pride of Kajiado County, offers an exceptional experience for up to 100 clients. It features three sections: a VVIP area in the cockpit, a VIP section in the business class, and a regular section in the economy class. Guests are welcomed by a red carpet at the entrance, providing a luxurious and unique ambiance.

Outside, visitors can enjoy an airport-like experience, with tents and chairs set up on the “runway” while they await boarding. The food is prepared in the aircraft’s kitchen, and the waitresses, dressed as air hostesses, serve guests, enhancing the onboard feeling.

Strategically located just 3 kilometers from Kitengela town along the Nairobi-Namanga highway, Club 034 attracts a diverse range of patrons, including children, teenagers, and adults. The establishment is renowned for serving some of the best nyama choma in town, and adults can savor their favorite whiskey or beer while enjoying the club’s offerings.

Club 034 has undoubtedly set a new standard in the country’s entertainment industry, combining innovation, nostalgia, and culinary delights to create an unparalleled experience for its visitors.