Disappointed customer shares dress she ordered and what her tailor made for her (Photos below)

A lady who asked her tailor to sew a black off-shoulder dress was left utterly disappointed after taking delivery of the dress her tailor made.

The woman placed an order for a black off-the-shoulder mermaid gown. Unfortunately, the tailor made an outfit that was quite unrelated to what she had requested.

The disappointed customer took to social media to share photos of the dress she ordered compared to what was delivered to her by her tailor.

See photos below,

In related news, a South African woman has gone viral on Twitter after she shared a picture of the dress she ordered and what her tailor made for her.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform, @mmmemani said she told her fashion designer to recreate the dress in the picture and she was charged 13k Rand (about 323k Nigerian Naira) for the outfit.

However, when she went for the dress fitting, she was shocked and disappointed to see the dress that was being made for her.

She posted a picture of the beautiful white lacy outfit she wanted and it was totally different from the dress she got, in terms of the fabric and style.

@mmmemani wrote,

“GUYS YOU WONT BELIEVE!!! I paid this woman 13k for this dress. I’m so hurt What I asked for. vs. What I got”.