Revealed: Why Linus Kaikai Demoted Veteran Journalist Mike Okinyi to a Reporting Role at Citizen TV

Kenyan veteran sports journalist Mike Okinyi, formerly the news sports editor for Citizen TV and Radio Station under Royal Media Services (RMS), has undergone a significant shift in his role within the organization. As of a memo dated February 27, issued by Linus Kaikai, the Group Editorial Director and Head of Strategy at RMS, Okinyi has been demoted from his position. Taking his place is Isaac Swila, who now assumes the role of Head of RMS Sports Centre, responsible for orchestrating sports coverage across all platforms.

The memo from Kaikai outlined the rationale behind the restructuring, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to streamlining its sports department operations. It detailed the promotion of Young Muthomi to the position of Managing Editor of Radio News and Sports, entrusting him with the oversight of the newly formed RMS Sports Centre. In this capacity, Muthomi will oversee both the editorial direction and administrative aspects of the sports department.

Kaikai’s memo also heralded the consolidation of the Group’s sports news across all platforms, culminating in the establishment of the RMS Sports Centre, aimed at centralizing sports coverage efforts. This move signals a strategic shift towards optimizing efficiency and synergy within the organization’s sports media landscape.