Brenda Otieno, Video Vixen in song 'Adhiambo' Threatens to Sue Bahati for Failing to Pay Her -

Brenda Otieno, Video Vixen in song ‘Adhiambo’ Threatens to Sue Bahati for Failing to Pay Her

Brenda Otieno Tieno, the video vixen who appeared in Bahati’s ‘Adhiambo’ music video featuring Prince Indah, has threatened to sue the musician for failing to pay her for her services. According to Brenda, Bahati did not pay her a single cent despite her efforts to reach out to him last year. She claims to have given the singer 24 hours to pay her before involving her lawyers.

Brenda expressed her displeasure with Bahati’s conduct through a post on her Instagram account. She revealed that she had not been paid for her services and felt that she deserved more than the Ksh.10,000 that was being paid to the video vixens during the shoot. She stated that she could not accept such an amount as it did not reflect the value of her services.

The music video for ‘Adhiambo’ was released a year ago and has since garnered 22 million views on YouTube. Despite this success, Brenda maintains that she will not relent in her pursuit for justice. She believes that she is entitled to receive what is rightfully hers and will not allow anyone to take advantage of her.

Brenda’s revelation sheds light on the challenges that video vixens and other individuals in the entertainment industry face. It highlights the need for fair treatment and compensation for the services rendered. Brenda’s decision to speak out about her experience serves as a wake-up call to other individuals in the industry who may be facing similar challenges.

In conclusion, Brenda Otieno Tieno’s decision to sue Bahati for non-payment of her services underscores the importance of fair treatment and compensation for individuals in the entertainment industry. Her story highlights the need for accountability and transparency in the industry to ensure that everyone involved is treated with dignity and respect.