Carol Sonnie: “Wedding Yangu Itakuwa Kubwa Kuliko Hako ka Traditional Wedding Mulamwah amefanya”

Carol Sonnie, Mulamwah’s former partner and mother of his child, has taken to social media to drop subtle hints about her new relationship while expressing criticism of Mulamwah’s recent traditional wedding with Ruth K.

In a recent interaction with fans through a question-and-answer session, Sonnie shared that she is currently involved in a relationship. However, she has chosen to keep her new partner out of the public eye, describing him as camera-shy. Sonnie teased that when the time comes to introduce him to the world, it will be a momentous occasion that will capture widespread attention.

“The day I decide to introduce my man, the whole world will come to a standstill,” declared Sonnie, suggesting that the revelation of her partner would surpass the attention generated by Mulamwah’s traditional wedding with Ruth K.

Notably, Sonnie also disclosed that she has removed Mulamwah’s surname from their daughter’s name, signifying a significant step and highlighting the continued tension between them.

Since the birth of their daughter in September 2021, Sonnie and Mulamwah’s relationship has been marred by child support disputes. The couple publicly announced their breakup in December 2021, with Mulamwah revealing that he had ended the relationship when Sonnie was three months pregnant.

Sonnie’s recent comments and actions have rekindled public interest in the ongoing saga of her relationship with Mulamwah. Through personal revelations, she continues to captivate social media audiences and add layers to the evolving narrative.