‘Heartbroken’ Daddy Owen looking for dark skinned, upcountry woman to marry

Heartbroken Daddy Owen a popular Kenyan artist who recently went through a difficult break-up with his long-time girlfriend. In the aftermath of this heartache, Daddy Owen has been searching for a new love who can help heal his broken heart.

One thing that Daddy Owen has been very clear about is that he is looking for a dark-skinned, upcountry woman to marry. He has stated that he has always been attracted to women with darker skin tones and believes that they are more beautiful and strong-willed.

In addition to her skin tone, Daddy Owen is also looking for a woman who is from an upcountry region of Kenya. He believes that women from these areas are more grounded and traditional, and he is looking for someone who can help him rediscover his roots and reconnect with his culture.

While some may criticize Daddy Owen’s desire to marry a dark-skinned, upcountry woman, it is important to remember that everyone has their own preferences and desires in a partner. It is ultimately up to each individual to choose the person who makes them happy and brings them joy.

For Daddy Owen, it seems that he is looking for a woman who will support him and stand by him through thick and thin. He is looking for a woman who can help him heal his heart and move forward in life with love and happiness. Hopefully, he will find the right person and be able to start a new chapter in his life.