Kakamega Wife Dumps Husband For His Younger Brother Because He Has A Motorbike

In the charming town of Kakamega, Kenya, Simon Murefu Muyeho, a 56-year-old man, finds himself grappling with intense emotional turmoil as his wife, Farida, has chosen to leave him for his younger brother.

This distressing situation has left Muyeho devastated, and he now faces the daunting challenge of single-handedly raising their seven children.

Muyeho revealed that his younger brother, who happens to own a motorcycle, established a close relationship with Farida by providing her transportation services. What began as a simple act of kindness gradually transformed into a clandestine affair, culminating in Farida and Muyeho’s brother cohabitating.

In a desperate bid to salvage his marriage, Muyeho confronted his brother, imploring him to return his wife. Unfortunately, his pleas were met with stubborn resistance, and his brother adamantly refused to comply.

Determined not to succumb to despair, Muyeho is now considering involving local authorities to mediate the dispute. He shared, “I persistently pursued the matter, urging my brother to bring back my wife, but he remained unyielding. Nevertheless, I am determined not to give up on my wife. If this situation persists, I am even contemplating seeking the intervention of local authorities to resolve our predicament,” expressed the Kenyan father to Afrimax English.

Farida, a former businesswoman, provides her perspective on the troubled marriage, alleging that Muyeho was abusive. She recounted instances of physical violence that left her physically challenged. “He was violent. He would beat me every time he returned from work. As a security guard, he would come home in the morning having smoked and drunk. He nearly took my life, accusing me of infidelity,” she shared.

Farida further claims that hunger was a constant companion, portraying Muyeho as an irresponsible man. “He burned me and broke my arm. That’s why I am physically challenged. We would often go to bed hungry unless I made an effort to find something to eat. He was an irresponsible man,” stated the mother of seven.

Adding complexity to the situation, Farida asserts that Muyeho barred their children from seeing her after she chose to live with his younger brother. Her decision to leave is rooted in her belief that her new partner can provide a more caring and understanding environment.