Murang'a Kidnappers Attack Police Officers With Machetes After Being Busted
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Murang’a Kidnappers Attack Police Officers With Machetes ‘Maragua Town’

Muranga detectives are currently hunting down a man following a a failed kidnapping attempt, last night in Maragua, Murang’a county.

As indicated on the police report, officers got a tip about the kidnapping from an anonymous person late last night in a nearby center.

Sources stated that two men who were carrying machettes had Kidnapped two young girls aged 15 and 17 years.

police officers acted quickly and they caught up with the kidnappers along the road.

The police officers however asked the two to surrender, the two however identified as Dave and Machaaa refused to adhere.

Dave is said to have charged towards the officers with his machete forcing one of the officers to open fire on him.

He fell down and was rushed to Maragua hospitals for treatment, meanwhile his ally Machaaa took to his heels into the night.

One of the young ladies suffered a profound cut on her hand during the fight, she was treated and later discharged.

This horrifying ordeal comes at a time when people have been abducted and later found dead under some unclear circumstances in Murang’a.

Bodies have been recorved recently causing alarm among muranga residents.

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