Mr KimbiKimbi: "Khaligraph ni Ng’ombe " I'm better Than Him -

Mr KimbiKimbi: “Khaligraph ni Ng’ombe ” I’m better Than Him

In a recent online uproar, a fervent supporter of Raila Odinga, Mr. KimbiKimbi, has once again stirred controversy. His target this time was Kenya’s renowned rapper and hip-hop artist, Khaligraph Jones, who found himself in a feud with Tanzanian artists.

During an interview with an online media outlet, Mr. KimbiKimbi, known for his online notoriety, took aim at Khaligraph, asserting that the rapper merely exhibits speed in his delivery rather than true lyrical prowess. He claimed that if one were to closely examine Khaligraph’s songs, they would find that he simply strings together random words.

Going even further, Mr. KimbiKimbi referred to Khaligraph Jones as a “cow” instead of the commonly used “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) accolade that many bestow upon him. KimbiKimbi boldly declared his superiority over Papa Jones in the realm of rap, asserting that he possesses exceptional lyrics and is prepared to challenge him.

Unsurprisingly, given his penchant for controversy, Mr. KimbiKimbi also took the opportunity to defend Tanzanian artists, contending that in the realm of rap music, they hold a superior position compared to their Kenyan counterparts, and this status is unalterable. He argued that Tanzania boasts a well-established and thriving music industry, contrasting it with Kenya. Furthermore, he advised Khaligraph Jones to exercise restraint and demonstrate respect for Tanzanian artists, as he believed they played a significant role in shaping Khaligraph’s current stature in the music industry.