” That Is Rubbish Enda Ukadedi” Andrew Kibe Tells Akothee After She Threatened To Sue Him.

The dispute between Andrew Kibe and Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has escalated and become more complicated. Akothee has reportedly decided to take legal action against Kibe for using her brand and defaming her on social media.

Kibe mentioned during his podcast that he received a WhatsApp message from someone claiming to be Akothee’s lawyer. The message was written in a legal format and warned Kibe against using Akothee’s brand name or photos in his content without her authorization. The message also stated that Kibe would face legal action if he continued to defame Akothee’s brand name.

Kibe’s response was that he is fearless and that once someone uploads a photo or video on social media, anyone can use it. He suggested that if Akothee does not want her content to be used, she should stop posting it on social media. He also stated that if Akothee continues to attack him, he will not remain silent and will respond to her.

Kibe insisted that Akothee cannot say negative things about him and then threaten to sue him when he responds. He claimed that he could also take legal action against her for her actions.

In summary, the ongoing feud between Andrew Kibe and Akothee has escalated, with Akothee reportedly taking legal action against Kibe. Kibe, however, remains defiant and has stated that he will not remain silent if Akothee continues to attack him on social media.