Wow! Millicent Omanga unveils gorgeous new hairstyle

Senator Millicent Omanga, who was previously nominated, has debuted her new hairstyle, causing mixed reactions among her fans. The politician took to her social media to showcase her new short hair, which was shared by the popular photo editor Nicky Honest.

When Omanga asked her fans how she looked, they had differing opinions. Some fans thought that she had not changed her hairstyle at all, while others appreciated her new look.

Stephenson Karugu commented that she was starting to look like Sabina. Gabriel Mochabo praised the new look, saying it was very beautiful and he loved it. John Boog, on the other hand, questioned whether she had shaved her Valentine’s gift, while Shiloh Gathechah expressed that the design was awkward and advised her to reduce her weight and follow a diet based on her Body Mass Index.

Seeh Meeh used to think that Mama Miradi was a slay queen, but now thought otherwise. Nancy Kwamboka AKA Nana DIVA praised the new hairstyle, saying it was clean and she should just keep it up, Mama Miradi. Josse Badman commented that she shouldn’t copy Sabina’s hairstyle and that the enemy of a woman is another woman. Eric Ochanji II said that the hairstyle was good and they would announce it next week. Ivyne Vidolo praised the senator, saying she was very beautiful and remembering that she had shaved her Valentine’s gift.

In conclusion, Senator Millicent Omanga’s new hairstyle has received a range of reactions from her fans, with some loving it and others having differing opinions.