Kenya Has The Most Foolish Education System, George Wajackoyah Says In His Plan To End CBC

George Wajackoyah has given his perspectives concerning the CBC schooling system in Kenya. While asked about it in an interview at Citizen TV, he showed a negative response about it.

He said that the Curriculum Based Education won’t work in his administration once he assumes office of the president. He said that Kenya has the most absurd education systems, beginning with the 8-4-4 to what they need to execute right now. He gave a model with USA where parents are the person who determine what their children will learn.

He said that we can’t have an education system where just government decides what parents and understudies will follow.

He said that every one of the stakeholders, that is parents, students, government and teachers ought to be included in making education decisions. He said that parents should be allowed to make decisions of the education their children needs.

He said that CBC isn’t leaning toward parents particularly those in marginalized regions. He said that they ought to have education that leans toward their way of life and CBC isn’t considering this. Should Wajackoyah be the next president, we probably won’t see CBC anymore.