MCSK Director Ezekiel Mutua reveals amount he makes from His TikTok Videos

Ezekiel Mutua, Director of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), recently celebrated his first earnings from TikTok, sharing his excitement publicly.

Mutua posted on social media a picture showing KSh 1,374 transferred from TikTok to his PayPal account. Along with the picture, he announced his mission to promote appropriate content on the platform, particularly for the youth.

In his statement, he emphasized his commitment to proving that success on TikTok can be achieved with respectful content.

“At 10:20 PM today, I withdrew my first earnings from TikTok through my PayPal account. The journey to purify TikTok through clean content has genuinely begun. I hope to set an example that content doesn’t have to be dirty to sell,” he wrote.

Mutua expressed his ambition to continue earning money on TikTok through clean content.

“One day, I will post a million here through clean and meaningful content on TikTok,” he added.

This milestone comes about a week after Mutua’s meeting with controversial preacher Victor Kanyari, addressing his recent conduct on TikTok. Mutua condemned Kanyari’s behavior, highlighting the negative example it set for young people and his followers, considering his position as a church leader.