KRG The Don Gifts His New Girlfriend A Car Worth Kshs 4 Million Promises A Much Bigger Surprise Soon

Kenyan businessman cum artist KRG the Don has surprised fans after gifting his new girlfriend a new Volvo xc60 worth Ksh 4 million.

KRG gifted his woman the new luxury car, which she will use as he plans to buy her the Mercedes Benz she wants.

He asked her to give him only three months for him to get her the best car in the world. He added that the vehicle will be unique because no one in Kenya owns one like it.

KRG The Don Gifts Girlfriend
KRG The Don New Girlfriend

“Babe gal rreceivesthis small gift from Bughaaa I will sort you hio ingine later before June!!!!Ladies Valentine is coming where is your boyfriend? We shall be enjoying our Wednesday night at Ibiza Lavington Mall” he posted.

The artist is set to unveil his girlfriend’s face on 14th February. Days ago, He told her it is due to public demand that he has decided to make her public so that people and his fans can also know who he is dating. Something that his anonymous lover said she was okay with.

A few days a go, he warned fellow musician Dufla to keep off his affairs after he claimed KRG had rekindled sparks with his ex-wife, Linah.

KRG The Don
KRG The Don and The New Girlfriend

“Dufla If you can’t respect me clearly, I will instill discipline in you by force. Don’t join me with people who are no longer in my life, please. I have my family, and you should respect that,” he wrote.

His fans joined in the comments section with mixed reactions- with others asking why he is putting too much pressure on them during this Valentine’s.

“Ukipata Dame anarudia Vitu unasema jua hio Communication iko na Shida Kidogo,” one netizen said.

“Mnasimp hadi na gari…na unapata kuna bestie umfurahisha for furii on your expense…the law of compensation🤣🤣🤣,”

“pressure ya online ,karibu nishikwe na heart attack nikikumbuka hata lollipop ya 5 pop sitapata😁😁,”