” Lecturer Alinipea ‘Mechi Safi’ Na Ukimwi” A Kenyan University Student says

A Kenyan university student attending one of the country’s prestigious institutions recently stirred up controversy on social media by sharing a distressing encounter involving her lecturer and the manipulation of academic success through the transmission of HIV and AIDS.

The unfolding narrative took place on Betty Wahome’s platform, where the young woman revealed her irregular class attendance at the university. Recognizing her precarious academic position, the lecturer, tasked with assigning individual projects, noticed her potential for failure due to her infrequent attendance—a common requirement for qualification in many universities.

Faced with the looming threat of academic failure, the student found herself emotionally distressed. Taking advantage of her vulnerable situation, the lecturer proposed a morally questionable arrangement—he offered to ensure her passing grade in exchange for engaging in an intimate relationship with him. Without hesitation, the young woman agreed to the proposal, subsequently fulfilling the terms of the agreement.

Upon the release of the course results, she discovered that not only had she secured a top position in the class, but the lecturer also appointed her as the class representative. The liaison between them continued that evening, with the student describing the encounter as captivating and the lecturer’s performance being noteworthy.

However, approximately two months later, during an internship, she began experiencing unusual symptoms that led her to seek medical attention. The devastating diagnosis of being HIV positive left her grappling with the profound impact on her life.

In her quest for clarity and accountability, she reached out to the lecturer—the sole person she had been involved with in the past eight months. Shockingly, he responded by blocking her, leaving her to confront the harsh reality of living with HIV without any support or acknowledgment from the person responsible for her situation.