Edday reacts to netizens who think Samidoh’s latest song is dedicated to Karen Nyamu

Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, Mugiithi artist Samidoh and Ohangla singer Prince Indah have dropped a heartwarming love song. The track is about a man who still has feelings for a woman he once loved, but who has now moved on. The lyrics reveal the man’s frustration as the woman has been ignoring his calls and picking and choosing when she responds. Prince Indah, in his part of the song, laments about introducing a lover to his family, only to be left heartbroken.

While Samidoh’s fans have mixed reactions to the song, many believe it is a dedication to Karen Nyamu, Samidoh’s ex-girlfriend. However, Samidoh’s wife has dismissed these claims, stating that the song was recorded long before their breakup. Despite the speculation, fans are still raving about the beautiful collaboration between the two artists, regardless of their ethnicity.

Meanwhile, Karen Nyamu has praised Samidoh as a great father to their children, despite everything that has happened. She says that Samidoh has always been there for their kids and has remained a loving father. Overall, fans are enjoying the song and are appreciating the message of love and unity that it brings.