DJ Fatxo Cleared in Jeff Mwathi Murder Probe -

DJ Fatxo Cleared in Jeff Mwathi Murder Probe

DJ Fatxo, whose real name is Lawrence Njuguna, has been acquitted of murder charges in the death of Jeff Mwathi. In a statement released by his lawyer, Duncan Okatch, the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions agreed with the recommendations of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, stating that there was no evidence linking the DJ to Mwathi’s death. The ODPP recommended that the matter pursue the route of an inquest to provide closure to the investigation.

The statement emphasized that there was no evidence suggesting any criminal culpability by DJ Fatxo in Mwathi’s death. The lawyer further clarified that the DJ was not even at his house at the time Mwathi passed away. DJ Fatxo expressed gratitude towards the DCI for their professionalism, independence, and focus in the matter, despite the public’s perception.

The statement also revealed that DJ Fatxo had forgiven all those who propagated false information about him and constituted cyberbullying. While the delay had injured his reputation and well-being, the DJ affirmed that he would resume his normal life in the music industry. He hopes that his experience will positively impact anyone who may find themselves judged unfairly before their side of the story is heard.

The conclusion of the investigation and DJ Fatxo’s exoneration have brought a sense of closure to the matter. The statement by his lawyer highlights the importance of professionalism, independence, and focus in such investigations and the need to avoid public and social media machinations that propagate defamatory lies and versions. DJ Fatxo can now resume his life in the music industry, and the case provides a valuable lesson to the public and the media to avoid jumping to conclusions before all the facts are known.