“We married as virgins” – 37-yr-old lady finds out after 6 years of marriage that her husband is infertile

The narrator, identified as @ruleyourspace on Twitter, has disclosed a family dilemma involving her cousin and husband, who are facing marital challenges due to the revelation that the husband is the reason behind their inability to conceive.

The couple, who entered matrimony as virgins, endured six childless years. The 37-year-old wife, after undergoing tests at a hospital, learned that her husband is infertile, possessing a low sperm count that hinders her chances of getting pregnant.

Expressing her desire to have biological children before reaching menopause, the wife is contemplating the option of divorce. In a Twitter post, she shares her predicament: “I married as a virgin to a virgin. 6 yrs after, childless & several fertility tests showed hubby is infertile. He has low sperm count. He trusts God for a miracle. I want him to get treated. I am 37 & want my own children. We are both church workers. Can I get a divorce?”

This is recounted as the firsthand experience of the narrator’s cousin. Despite the wife’s earnest wish for the marriage to succeed, her husband refuses to discuss treatments or visits to the hospital. Complicating matters, the wife has encountered a single father expressing a desire to marry her, leaving her conflicted and seeking advice.

In a conversation, the narrator provides insight into the husband’s perspective, stating, “He was like ‘babes, I have served God all my life. Why will this be happening to me?’ I don’t know, but remember Abraham & Sarah? Remember Job? Sometimes, God lets some trials test us. She is worried about her biological clock while he feels any action doubts God. We learn every day.”