Malindi pastor cancels wedding after couple engages in s3x before marriage -

Malindi pastor cancels wedding after couple engages in s3x before marriage

A couple faced unexpected disruptions to their wedding plans when the pastor decided to cancel the ceremony last minute due to their premarital intimacy.

In the realm of matrimony, many clergymen advise couples to abstain from sexual relations until after they are wed. However, this guidance caused a significant predicament for a pair from Tana River, who belonged to the Evangelical Church and had scheduled their nuptials for August 12 at King’s Glory Church in Malindi.

During their pre-wedding counseling session, it became apparent that the couple had not yet reached a consensus on how to address a sensitive matter. Unaware of the repercussions, the groom confessed that he and his partner had engaged in a physical relationship before their marriage was legally solemnized. On the other hand, the bride maintained that she was still a virgin and had never been intimate with a man.

Following this revelation, the pastor swiftly dismissed the couple from his office and gathered a team of intercessors to seek divine guidance on the matter. After two hours of fervent prayer, the pastor summoned the couple back to his office. With what he perceived as God’s guidance, he directed them to separate and postpone their wedding preparations for a duration of 12 months.

The pastor advised the couple to utilize this time for introspection, prayer, and repentance. Additionally, he mandated that they attend couples’ counseling sessions every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evening throughout the year. Helida Kase, a prayer leader at the church, shared these instructions, stating, “During this period, they are encouraged to reflect, seek forgiveness, and strengthen their bond through counseling.”

The alterations to the wedding plans were subsequently communicated within the church’s WhatsApp group, while the church administrator maintained a discreet stance on the matter.