Contractor Repairs Deadly Potholes at Night Along Waiyaki Way After kenyans Uproar

On the evening of March 27, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) launched repair operations along Waiyaki Way in response to widespread complaints about the road’s poor condition. The catalyst for this action was a video that circulated widely throughout the day, illustrating numerous vehicles suffering tire blowouts due to the presence of potholes along the route.

Prompted by public outcry, KeNHA promptly announced that repair efforts had commenced to rectify the situation. Through images shared by the authority, it was evident that workers were actively engaged in addressing the potholes, working through the night to minimize disruption to traffic flow.

In an official statement, KeNHA conveyed, “The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is pleased to inform the public that repair work is underway along Waiyaki Way, specifically towards Westlands, in preparation for resurfacing.” The statement also reiterated the commitment of the Authority to prioritize the safety and convenience of road users throughout the repair process.

The gravity of the situation was underscored by a viral video circulating on social media, depicting motorists pulling over to the roadside after encountering the hazardous potholes. Some were observed replacing damaged tires with spares, while others resorted to manually filling the potholes with stones to provide a temporary remedy.

These incidents occurred in the aftermath of heavy rainfall over the weekend, exacerbating drainage issues along major thoroughfares in Nairobi. Consequently, several roads became impassable, prompting motorists to call upon the Nairobi County government for intervention.

Responding to these concerns, Governor Johnson Sakaja mobilized the Green Army to undertake citywide cleaning and unclog drainage systems. He reassured residents of Nairobi that his administration would take proactive measures to prevent further disruptions and safeguard lives and property.

The repair efforts initiated by KeNHA along Waiyaki Way signify a responsive approach to addressing public grievances, with a concerted focus on enhancing road safety and infrastructure resilience.