Machachari’s Actor Malik Lemuel (Govi): “I Was A Matatu Tout At Only Five Years Old.”

Contrary to widespread belief, Malik Lemuel, popularly known as Govi from the acclaimed television series Machachari, did not experience an auspicious start in life. Despite his eventual recognition from the long-standing show, Govi’s origins were far from fortunate.

Govi disclosed in an interview with Jalang’o on his YouTube channel last year that he was born in 2000 at Kenyatta Hospital, a public institution. Growing up, he faced constant relocation, shifting between the slums of Mukuru Kwa Njenga in Wangige and the informal settlements of Imara Daima. His family’s struggles persisted until his father’s employment in the UAE coincided with the opportunity on Machachari, marking a turning point.

A surprising revelation emerged during the interview when Govi recounted his early years as a matatu tout in South B at the tender age of five. Financial difficulties at home compelled him to engage in such work, with his cousin guiding him through the ropes of the job.

The former Machachari child star detailed his rise to prominence, attributing it to roles in Makutano Junction, Machachari, and other film projects. Govi clarified that he was not dismissed from the show, dispelling earlier rumors, but rather left on his own accord.

At the age of 22, Govi is currently pursuing a degree in International Relations at university. In a recent Q&A session with his Instagram followers, he made headlines by expressing openness to dating older women. Additionally, Govi has ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing Dutch House Designers, a real estate company specializing in design and sales. He is also a co-owner of Dilip Tours and Travel, a collaborative venture in the tourism sector.

While he has not abandoned acting entirely, Govi has diversified his pursuits. He has taken on roles in Flash Squad, an educational teen TV series broadcast on Akili Kids, the first and only dedicated local free-to-air children’s television channel.