Watch the leaked ‘TWATWA’ video of pretty slay queen, ADRIANA WANJIKU, Netizens call for the arrest of the man who LEAKED

Adriana Wanjiku has recently become a subject of significant discussion on various social media platforms due to an incident where an unidentified individual recorded their intimate encounter and subsequently shared the video on the internet.

The video was taken while Adriana was in a highly inebriated state, raising concerns about consent and her ability to make informed decisions. It is alleged that the individual deliberately encouraged her to consume alcohol and engaged in sexual activity, including anal sex.

Online communities and users have been vocal in their demands for the apprehension of the person responsible for recording and disseminating the video. Many argue that he exploited Adriana’s vulnerable state, emphasizing the importance of addressing such situations with the utmost seriousness.

Watch the leaked video here LINK>>>