Meet Luhya Man, Ango Musungu Who Pulls A Car With His Hair

Originating from Shianda, Mumias in Kakamega County, Ango Musungu possesses a globally recognized marvel—his remarkably resilient hair. The phenomenal displays of prowess he exhibits with his hair are nothing short of extraordinary.

After his story gained widespread attention online, Afrimax English conducted an exclusive interview with Musungu, seeking to highlight the undeniable uniqueness of his hair’s strength, drawing parallels to the biblical figure Samson, whose legendary might was attributed to his hair.

During his conversation with Afrimax, Musungu disclosed that he discovered his exceptional talent through vivid dreams. Motivated, he began to explore the potential of his hair, initially skeptical of its capacity for feats of strength.

Encountering skepticism from others initially, Musungu silenced doubters by single-handedly towing a car without a driver or engine, utilizing only his hair as leverage, leaving onlookers amazed.

He asserts that his abilities are not mystical but rather a divine gift and innate talent. Musungu continued to astonish audiences by effortlessly pulling a fully occupied pickup truck using only his hair, an event captured live on camera.

Beyond his remarkable abilities, Musungu’s personal life is equally intriguing. He attributes his boundless energy to his unconventional marital situation, having embraced polygamy with five wives, whom he credits with adeptly managing him while ensuring his satisfaction and adaptability.

Despite his extraordinary talents, Musungu faces financial struggles. He appeals to the government for support during these challenging times, underscoring the potential for his unique abilities to provide him with a livelihood if given the necessary backing.