lady behind the viral ‘Father Bernard’ finally speaks; shows her face in the latest video

A video of a lady in deep sorrow and shock went viral on Ghanaian social media in recent months, sparking the ‘Father Bernard’ trend. The video captured the lady diving into the coffin of the late Ghanaian Reverend Father Bernard Kofi Ackon at his burial. Father Bernard was widely loved, and the woman’s grand gesture of paying her last respects to the Priest touched many.

Despite the video’s popularity, the woman’s identity remained unknown for some time. However, she has now come forward to speak about the incident in an interview with Kofi Adoma. The woman, Comfort Baaba Basiwaa Jackson, said she doesn’t know what came over her when she dived into the coffin. She explained that her relationship with Father Bernard was strong, and he was more like a father to her. The late clergyman supported her with prayers and money, and she felt compelled to join him on his journey to the afterlife.

The ‘Father Bernard’ trend has captivated Ghanaians, with many content creators making their versions of the viral video. However, the woman’s appearance and explanation of her actions have added a new dimension to the story. The incident has once again highlighted the strong bonds that exist between people in Ghanaian society, particularly in times of grief and loss.