Kiengei Turns A Cry Baby, Claims That Kenyans Are Being Unfair. -
Kiengei Turns A Cry Baby
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Kiengei Turns A Cry Baby, Claims That Kenyans Are Being Unfair.

The comedian in an emotional post said that Kenyans were being unfair in judging his situation with Keziah Wa Kariuki.

“I welcome all critics and the cyber bullying towards me concerning my former marriage. My only question is one, I divorced Keziah five years ago and I happily moved on. Her new love divorced 2 years ago and they are now happily moving on.Why am I the only victim,” he posted.

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However, Kenyans were quick to react to the post with some saying that the comedian should take a time off social media.

Kiengei Turns A Cry Baby

“Your Facebook posts yesterday points towards a different direction. Your current wife must be wondering what’s wrong with you. You are posting too much about keziah. Let her be,” a social media user commented.

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Notably, Kiengei after Keziah revealed that she has finally found love posted saying that he was in pain and did not know how to handle the situation.

However, speaking to a local daily, he said that he was happy for Keziah and wished her all the best in her new chapter.

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