Omosh, the fiancé of Kenyan artist Akothee, recently shared the story of how he met her during a business trip to Switzerland. Recounting the encounter, he revealed that he was immediately drawn to her honesty, intelligence, and trustworthiness.

In a joint press appearance with Akothee at JKIA airport, where he warmly welcomed her back, Omosh brushed off rumors about their impending marriage. He emphasized that their relationship is their own business, and only they truly understand its significance.

However, he did acknowledge the challenges of dating a celebrity like Akothee, particularly when it comes to privacy. The constant attention and lack of personal space can be somewhat bothersome at times.

Interestingly, Omosh candidly expressed his preference for Akothee’s natural appearance over heavy makeup. He loves her just the way she is, embracing her authenticity and unique beauty.

As for Akothee, she has exciting plans for her wedding. They intend to tie the knot three times this year: once in Kenya, another ceremony in Switzerland, with the location of the third wedding yet to be revealed. Their first wedding is scheduled for April 10th and is set to be a private affair, celebrating their love in an intimate setting.