”Nilimpata amepanua mdomo, sikujua ameshakufa,” Manzi Wa Kibera’s 67-Year-Old Ex Boyfriend’s Grand Daughter Narrates Last moment with Mzee.

Socialite Manzi wa Kibera mourns the passing of her former partner, Peter Nzioki, known affectionately as Mzae. The 67-year-old departed on April 21, leaving behind a legacy cherished by many.

This loss follows closely on the heels of Manzi’s public introduction of a new romantic interest, also an elderly gentleman, on social media. However, the relationship between Peter Nzioki and Manzi Wa Kibera had long ended before his passing, despite his attempts to reconcile with her, which unfortunately went unanswered.

Manzi wa Kibera confirmed the news of Peter Nzioki’s demise, expressing her profound sorrow at the sudden turn of events. She shared that his family, including his three children, is overseeing the arrangements for his final farewell.

To dispel any doubts about the sad news, she invited skeptics to verify the information at the City Mortuary, where Peter Nzioki’s body rests. In her grief, she emphasized that his family is managing everything with care and attention.

The last public image of Manzi and Mzae together dates back to December 30, 2023, portraying a seemingly affectionate bond between them. During Christmas, they had celebrated their love openly, with Manzi declaring their affection as enduring and profound.

In a subsequent post, Manzi humorously juxtaposed images of her former and current partners, adding a playful caption to highlight the transient nature of relationships.

Despite the passage of time and the evolution of their personal lives, the memories shared by Manzi wa Kibera and Peter Nzioki remain a testament to the complexities of love and loss.