Kakamega woman files for divorce after husband denied her conjugals rights since 2019 -

Kakamega woman files for divorce after husband denied her conjugals rights since 2019

A woman residing in Kakamega has initiated the process of seeking a divorce from her spouse of seven years. The grounds for this decision are rooted in a series of insurmountable differences, including the denial of conjugal rights.

Anne Nekoye Nalianya has come forward to share that her husband has refrained from engaging in any romantic interactions with her since January 2019. The absence of this intimate connection has prompted her to pursue the dissolution of their marital bond.

Nalianya, a mother of four children, presented her grievances to the court, outlining the reasons underlying her desire for a divorce. Alongside the deprivation of conjugal rights, she highlighted that throughout the course of their marriage, they had not accumulated any joint assets.

Nicodemus Vilembwa Namusei, her husband, who holds professions as a teacher and a pastor, responded to these allegations by asserting that his wife had departed from their shared marital home in 2016, just three days after their wedding.

However, Nalianya contested this assertion, clarifying that her departure only occurred in 2021. She also disclosed that she had secured loans to finance the acquisition of assets during the duration of their union.

The case is scheduled to be presided over by Principal Magistrate Angeline Odao on September 20.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the discord between the involved parties serves as a poignant reminder of the intricacies that can manifest within relationships. It underscores the challenging decisions individuals sometimes have to make in order to safeguard their own well-being.