“I Hated My Father And I Didn’t Attend His Burial,” Lynn Ngugi Explains bitter Past With Her Father

Individuals who invest a substantial amount of time on social networking platforms are likely familiar with Lynn Ngugi, a video blogger renowned for her insightful interviews that have served as a source of inspiration for numerous people.

Recently, she made a revelation that she had chosen not to visit her father during his hospitalization or attend his funeral due to the strained relationship they shared. Lynn depicted her father as a commendable provider for his children but a woeful husband who subjected their mother to torment.

In moments of intoxication, her father would unleash physical violence upon the family, forcing them out into the chilling embrace of the snow. Their living situation in a cramped single room dedicated to “huruma” reached a breaking point, leading to their mother’s decision to leave.

Following the children’s departure, their father ceased providing for them, leaving them to navigate life with their financially precarious mother. Lynn, pursuing education abroad, encountered financial challenges that compelled her to abandon her academic pursuits and find employment at a hotel in the Gulf states.

Eventually, Lynn and her sisters forgave their father, becoming the ones who offered solace as he approached the end of his life. Despite this reconciliation, Lynn admitted to harboring deep-seated anger, which prevented her from attending his funeral. Her lasting memory of her father was the day he apologized to her and her siblings, a moment that left her yearning for him to have recognized the error of his ways during the times of mistreatment.