Kisumu Woman Wins KSh 3.5m SportPesa Mega Jackpot Bonus With Her First-Ever Bet

Rosemary Auma Opiyo became a member of SportPesa in December 2023 and made her first bet on February 2, 2024. Remarkably, her initial foray into the world of sports betting proved to be life-changing as she accurately predicted the outcomes of 15 out of 17 games.

Previously known as a modest shop owner and mother of one, Rosemary woke up the next morning to a significant transformation – her SportPesa account had swelled by over KSh 3 million. This unexpected windfall instantly elevated her financial status.

Hailing from Kisumu, Rosemary Auma Opiyo now proudly holds the title of the latest SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus winner, walking away with an impressive KSh 3.5 million. The achievement is even more notable as it occurred just two months after she joined SportPesa, marking a swift and fortuitous entry into the world of online sports betting.

Recounting the memorable morning when she placed her winning bet, Auma shared that she carefully analyzed the games on the platform from the confines of her shop. Despite encountering network issues when checking her progress on Sunday night, she decided to get some rest.

The following morning, Rosemary, now a millionaire, excitedly shared the news with her husband, Felix Omondi. The unexpected windfall represents more than just luck for Auma – it opens doors to fulfilling her aspirations, including expanding her business, acquiring land, and securing a brighter future for her family.

Felix Omondi, equally thrilled by the win, mentioned that despite placing bets before, he had never come close to winning a million. His highest previous win was 107,000 Kenyan shillings. Encouraging his wife to continue betting, the couple now has their eyes set on the KSh 349 million Mega Jackpot, hopeful that luck will continue to favor them in the world of sports predictions.