Peter Miracle Baby Explains What Led to the fall of Sailors Gang

Mugithi artist Peter Miracle Baby has recently shed light on the factors that led to the downfall of the popular Gengetone group Sailors Gang, which consisted of Peter Miracle Baby, Shalkido, QoqosJuma, Masilver, and Lexxy Yung.

In a video shared on social media by their former manager Mwalimu Rachel, Peter Miracle Baby acknowledges that the group unknowingly signed a contract with individuals known as cartels, which ultimately resulted in their demise.

After years of speculation and accusations against Mwalimu Rachel regarding her alleged theft from the group, Miracle Baby has now disclosed the existence of a more significant force determined to end Sailors Gang’s music career.

“There is a group of individuals who refer to themselves as cartels. They were abroad when they realized that our music had gained popularity not only in Kenya but also across Africa. After conducting their research, they discovered a talented group of young Kenyan artists who were producing exceptional music, known as Gengetone.”

These cartels approached Sailors Gang, offering their support. They promised to cover the expenses of studio sessions and music videos, enticing the young artists with the promise of fame and fortune.

Overwhelmed by the allure of financial backing, the group reluctantly signed agreements, hoping to propel their careers and secure their financial futures.

“They asked the other members if they wanted money, and when they agreed to cover all expenses and provide monthly cash payments, we too desired the financial benefits. Consequently, we signed the contract.”

Mwalimu Rachel revealed that Sailors Gang had signed the contract without her knowledge, and now that everything has fallen apart, the truth has come to light.

Furthermore, she asserted that Sailors Gang should cease blaming the cartels, as their own greed and impatience played a significant role. She also denied the accusation of stealing Ksh 15 million per month from the group.