“Kijana Aliye Na Pesa Ni Mwizi”: Bishop Harrison Ngang’a Advises Ladies To Accept Broke Boys

Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a, known for his lighthearted anecdotes, recently shared a glimpse into his past, revealing that during his earlier years of pursuing a life partner, he did not possess any respectable attire.

In an undated sermon circulated on social media by Legrand Pioneer, the esteemed bishop disclosed that prior to his marriage, his pastor advised him to delay the union until he improved his financial standing.

Bishop Ng’ang’a recounted having only one pair of worn-out shoes and a shirt with a tear at the back, which he discreetly concealed within his coat.

Drawing from his own experiences, the Archbishop emphasized the importance of women not placing undue emphasis on a man’s financial status when considering marriage. He urged young ladies approaching marriageable age to be open-minded and not prioritize a suitor’s financial capabilities.

“Na wewe msichana apana angalia sana mambo ya pesa ukitaka Kuolewa. Ati ukifika umri wa Kuolewa quality No. 1; awe na pesa,” he advised.

The Bishop of Christian Foundation Fellowship Churches (CFFC) went on to analyze the financial challenges faced by young men, asserting that most are often financially strained. He humorously remarked that a young man with money is either a thief or inherited his wealth from his father, highlighting the common financial struggles of youth.

“Kijana aliye na pesa either ni mwizi ama aliwachiwa na baba yake. Vijana hawakuwangi na pesa. Utakuwa na pesa utoe wapi?” he added.

According to the preacher, women should be willing to accept proposals from financially struggling young men pursuing love, without imposing unrealistic expectations that many may find challenging to meet.

Reflecting on his own courtship, Archbishop Ng’ang’a revealed that he began his relationship with his current wife without substantial finances or proper attire, firmly believing that circumstances would improve over time.