“Nlikua na wa rent, food,nguo, vacations lakini Mungu amenibariki nko na bwana sasa”, Diana Marua opens up on being a side-chick to married men, dating for money

Personality on social media has undergone a transformation for YouTuber Diana Marua, particularly before she met her husband, Bahati, and decided to settle down. In a candid video posted on her YouTube channel, Diana openly acknowledged her past freewheeling lifestyle, confessing to exploiting relationships with men for financial gain. She justified these actions by explaining that, having come from humble beginnings as a child, she aspired to live a prosperous life.

Reflecting on her past, Diana shared, “In my life, I’ve done things that I am ashamed to admit, but that was then, and this is now. I want to share my experiences to uplift and inspire someone, emphasizing that whatever challenges one faces are temporary.” She admitted to dating men for financial support, recounting instances where different individuals contributed to her rent, house shopping, clothing, and entertainment.

Addressing rumors that her marriage to Bahati was motivated by financial gain, Diana clarified that when she met her husband, she was already financially comfortable. She recounted how, during her early 20s, money was never a concern, and she lived a lavish lifestyle, even when hanging out with Bahati. To dispel Bahati’s curiosity about her changing cars frequently, Diana claimed to run a car hire company, unaware that one of her boyfriends at the time actually owned such a business.

Diana went on to reveal a more complex aspect of her past, confessing to having been a side-chick to a married man. She shared that the man, whom she genuinely liked, offered material possessions, including a car, a house, and even one of the three children she desired at the time. However, after experiencing the emotional challenges of being involved with a married man, Diana decided to end the relationship, realizing that such methods were temporary and ineffective in building a lasting connection.

In essence, Diana’s narrative emphasizes personal growth and transformation, conveying the message that one’s past does not define their present or future. Her openness about her journey aims to inspire others while acknowledging the impermanence of certain lifestyle choices.