“I’m his hands and he is my legs”- Two Disabled Friends Narrate Their Touching Experience (PHOTOs).

Whoever said that disability is not inability was absolutely right.

This is true judging by a story shared by two best friends who have beaten all the odds brought by their disabilities.

Julias and Fabian in an interview with a local journal said that they were born abled and but as they were growing up, they got sick and they had to amputate their hands and legs.

Julias said that he was diagnosed with cancer and since he had no money for treatment, his legs were amputated to prevent the further spread of the killer cells from spreading to his other body parts.

“I had no money so I followed the doctors orders and that’s how I lost my legs and became disabled. I just thank God that am still alive,” he said.

Fabian on the other hand claimed that he was involved in an accident and lost both of his hands.

The two friends claim that they met in the streets and decided to start life together, one as the hands and the other as the legs.

The two best buddies said that life has not been easy for them but are however happy since they can easily help each other.

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