Obinna Recalls Impregnating 3 Women When He Was Flat Broke… Blames Fred Omondi For SMASHING His Girlfriend

During an interview on the Church Show, Obinna openly discussed the circumstances surrounding his relationships with the mothers of his children.

“I first met my initial love interest while working as a messenger. At the time, I had a modest income of 4000, and we decided to embark on our journey together. Before long, she became pregnant, and unfortunately, I lost my job. In order to ensure proper medical care, we traveled to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisumu, commonly known as Russia hospital by the locals, where she gave birth.”

“I took care of her for a while, but eventually, she decided to move to Nairobi, leaving me behind in the village for some time,” Obinna recounted.

Obinna encountered his second partner at a club where he used to perform. She developed feelings for him, and as a result, they ended up having a child together.

“One Sunday, she happened to attend one of our performances at the club. Little did I know that she was there because of me, not just the music. Over time, she started coming to all our shows. Gradually, I realized that her interest was directed towards me.”

“At the time, she resided in Ngara, while I lived in Makongeni. Eventually, I began spending more time at her place instead of mine. Although we were together for a while, our relationship eventually came to an end. She lost her job, and during a moment of consolation, things took a different turn, resulting in the birth of my second child.”

Obinna’s relationship with his second baby mama didn’t work out, and he subsequently entered into a new relationship. Unfortunately, his girlfriend cheated on him with Fred Omondi, Eric Omondi’s brother.

“I encountered my third baby mama after my girlfriend cheated on me with Fred Omondi. It was a tumultuous period in my life. She was a grounded individual, a Kamba lady residing in Umoja. Coincidentally, I also lived in Umoja, so I proposed the idea of sharing rent costs. We decided to move in together, but our relationship eventually faltered, leading to our separation while she was still pregnant. It was during this time that my daughter was born.”

Obinna disclosed that he impregnated his third baby mama once again while visiting her to spend time with their daughter.

“I used to visit my daughter, and it was during one of these visits that unexpected events unfolded, resulting in the conception of our youngest child. You know how it is when you visit someone and observe them cooking or doing something, and you can’t help but wonder why they didn’t do the same when you were together? So, while I visited my daughter, I also ended up visiting her mother.”