Sarah Kabu Responds After Viral Photo of Her Husband Simon Kabu and Betty Kyallo emerges

Yesterday, a video of Sarah Kabu, the CEO of Bonfire Adventures, making funny facial expressions went viral. Sarah was captured reacting to her husband Simon Kabu and Betty Kyallo having a light moment at Akothee’s Wedding which was held at Windsor hotel.

Responding to the trending video on Instagram, Sarah explained that she was not uncomfortable with Betty Kyallo having a conversation with her husband, and apologized to Betty for the unintentional reaction. She clarified that the photo was taken while she was lost in thought and not looking at Betty with an evil eye.

The photos of Sarah’s reaction quickly became a meme on social media, with fans making comments about her facial expressions.

Sarah also addressed netizens who criticized her choice of outfit, which they claimed had a long slit that showed too much skin. She defended her dress, saying her husband was comfortable with it and that people should not dictate what others wear to events.

Overall, Sarah Kabu’s viral moment at Akothee’s wedding has sparked a lot of social media reactions and conversations.