“Kazi Ilikuwa Karaundi Moja TU!,Na Kunyamba Na Kukimbia Uchi Kwa Nyumba Akisema Bazuu” Prude Opens Up On Her Divorcing Husband Willis Raburu

Marya Prude has vehemently dismissed the notion that media personality Willis Raburu was the one to end their relationship. Instead, she asserts that she took the initiative to separate from him after discovering his lack of prowess in the bedroom, leaving her unfulfilled.

In a recorded statement published by Muranga Newspaper, Marya reminisces about the day she unintentionally fell in love with the prominent TV personality. “He assured me he was capable. Initially hesitant, I eventually grew disenchanted over time,” she narrated.

Marya Prude has been candid in discussing Willis Raburu’s shortcomings in the bedroom, referring to him as “Mr. Raundi Moja” (Mr. One Round).

“That man was completely inadequate. It was a one-round affair, followed by snoring and sprinting around the house, claiming victory,” Marya Prude delivered a scathing critique to one of our reporters.

Marya’s revelations come several months after Willis Raburu tied the knot with another woman.