“Kaskie Vibaya Huko” Ssaru Tells Off Ezekiel Mutua After Criticizing Her Hit Song

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, recently expressed his disapproval of musicians who prioritize social media popularity over moral values in their songs. In his statement, he stressed the importance of creating music that carries meaningful messages capable of positively impacting listeners.

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua urged artists to elevate their efforts and utilize their music as a platform for promoting hope and inspiration. He emphasized the need to move beyond the fixation on likes, shares, and views, and instead focus on creating songs that empower individuals, offering them renewed hope and the potential for life transformation.

Drawing attention to concerns regarding inappropriate content, Dr. Mutua questioned the impact of songs like one in which Ssaru sings, “Niko napesa na ni ya babako” (I have money, and it belongs to your father). He raised the question of what message such lyrics convey to his own daughter, highlighting the importance of being mindful about the influence and implications of music on society.

Responding to the criticism, Ssaru defended herself by suggesting that her critics should take the time to listen to her other songs. She expressed her view that she cannot confine herself to catering to one specific age group, as her audience is diverse.

In a recent incident, Ssaru requested Ngesh to pay 1 million for a collaboration, specifically for a chorus from her.

“If Ezekiel Mutua had listened to my other songs, such as my recent hit with a Rhumba influence, he would have a different perspective,” she stated, in an attempt to address the criticism.

Ssaru responded assertively, stating that she cannot halt her creative process simply because one person did not appreciate her lyrics or her song. She also encouraged Dr. Mutua to explore her YouTube channel for a broader understanding of her music.