Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o suffering from kidney failure, abandoned by wife and kids in US -

Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o suffering from kidney failure, abandoned by wife and kids in US

Ngugi wa Thiong’o, the co-author of “I Will Marry When I Want,” has separated from his equally renowned wife Njeeri, whom he encountered during his period of exile in the United States.

This information came to light in an interview with The Guardian, a British newspaper, during which Professor Ngugi revealed that he spent three days with the literary icon in October 2022.

The article conveyed that the esteemed writer is currently battling kidney failure and is receiving medical care at his residence in California, USA. The writer of the piece also mentioned that Prof Ngugi had recently undergone a surgical procedure.

Ms. Njeeri holds the position of Director of Human Resource Faculty and Staff Conflict Resolution Services at the University of California, Irvine, where Prof Ngugi holds the esteemed position of Distinguished Professor within the Comparative Literature School of Humanities.

“In essence, as I approached Ngugi’s California residence, a sense of unease took hold, my body a canvas for cliches: trembling hands, clammy palms, and a racing heart. The intention had been to create a profile, capturing the essence of this legendary author, now 84, as he navigates the closing chapter of his life,” the article reads in part.

Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o The author of the article recounted that Prof Ngugi suggested they stay together, as this arrangement would facilitate smoother communication.

“He proposed that my presence would foster easier conversation. It was an unconventional setup, not entirely aligned with the journalistic impartiality I had aimed to uphold. Nonetheless, I sought to maximize my time with him and maintained a professional outlook,” the writer conveyed within the article.

The family of the esteemed Kenyan scholar and writer, Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o, has discredited a piece published by The Guardian, alleging that he is unwell and isolated in the US.

The article asserted that Prof Ngugi, aged 85, was also undergoing a divorce from his second wife, Ms. Njeeri wa Thiong’o.

It further indicated that the father of nine had vacated the residence he shared with Ms. Njeeri at University Hills in Irvine, situated in California.

Nevertheless, Mukoma wa Ngugi, one of the children of Mr. Thiong’o, dismissed the article’s claims.

“Am I the sole individual recognizing the ethical concerns with this story (well-crafted though it may be)? In relation to journalistic ethics and the crucial elements of a compelling narrative, are gratuitous and excessive details necessary? Any element that comes off as superfluous adds nothing but gossipy surplus,” Mukoma stated in a release.

Prof Ngugi and Njeeri first crossed paths in 1989 at Grand Central Station in New York.