Akothee Explains Why She Started WhatsApp Group For Her OLD Baby Daddies 

In a candid and open conversation with TV47, the fearless artist known as Akothee, or Esther Akoth, shared intriguing revelations about her romantic life and her journey as a parent….CONTINUE READING

When it comes to raising her five children from three different fathers, Akothee disclosed an unconventional approach she embraced. She initiated a WhatsApp group to encourage co-parenting among her children’s fathers, aspiring to share the overwhelming responsibilities collectively.

Nevertheless, managing this group has not been without its challenges. One of her children’s fathers proved to be quite dramatic and possessive, introducing intriguing dynamics to the group’s interactions.

Akothee shared the difficulties she faces within the co-parenting dynamics, stating, “When I am in a relationship, he starts drama. He does not want me with another man.” Expressing emotional distress, she revealed, “The same baby daddy makes me cry every day. My son is 14 years old, and I still think that I have 4 more years to cry. He is very stubborn and keeps on leaving the WhatsApp group. He blocks me, unblocks, then returns to the group. He is very stubborn.”

Akothee didn’t shy away from discussing her past relationships and marriages. She disclosed that her first marriage, which occurred when she was just 14 years old, had a budget of only Sh2500. Her most recent wedding, which she considers her best, cost approximately Sh8 million, although she humorously added that her husband knows more about the details.

The singer also opened up about her challenges with an ex-husband who fell in love with another woman and denied her access to crucial documents. This led Akothee to take matters into her own hands, working as a taxi driver in Mombasa to support herself.

Delving deeper into her love life, Akothee shared an encounter with a ‘stubborn’ mzungu who desired to have a child with her while she worked as a dancer. The self-proclaimed “Madam Boss” asserted that she has never been dumped by any of her ex-lovers, confidently stating, “Wazungus go crazy over my long legs and start chasing me. Just know I can’t be dumped. I am the one who leaves them.”

Akothee’s recent marriage to Denis Schweizer appears to have brought her happiness. However, she cautioned her husband about potential separation, urging him to avoid unnecessary drama as she feels she is too old to handle additional pressures.

As one of Kenya’s most outspoken and controversial entertainers, Akothee continues to captivate the public with her life stories, music, and remarkable personality.