Inside Africa Fastest Man  Ferdinand Omanyala’s Mutmillion Apartment in Kasarani . -

Inside Africa Fastest Man  Ferdinand Omanyala’s Mutmillion Apartment in Kasarani .

Ferdinand Omurwa Omanyala, a renowned Kenyan athlete, has made a significant impact across Africa with his remarkable sprinting abilities. Besides his athletic pursuits and his career as a police officer, Omanyala is a devoted family man, residing with his loved ones in a luxurious apartment located in the Kasarani area of Nairobi.

During an exclusive interview conducted by KTN Home, Ferdinand Omanyala graciously showcased his comfortable and lavish living space. The apartment, conveniently situated in close proximity to the Kasarani stadium, caters to Omanyala’s training needs as he dedicates extensive hours to practicing and maintaining his exceptional speed.

Upon entering the well-appointed sitting room, one is greeted by a tasteful arrangement of elegant blue couches. The room exudes a sense of spaciousness, featuring a large, state-of-the-art smart TV, a dedicated dining area, and a cozy corner where Omanyala can unwind and attend to various tasks on his laptop.

Of notable significance within the sitting room is the trophy cabinet, proudly displaying the numerous accolades and medals Omanyala has garnered throughout his running career, serving as a constant reminder of his achievements since his early days in the sport.

Omanyala shared that he and his wife personally curated the impressive ambiance of their sitting room. While acknowledging that the apartment may not be his ultimate dream home, he expresses profound gratitude for the milestones he has already reached at the tender age of 26.

As an athlete who is continually evolving, Omanyala aspires, like many other accomplished sports personalities, to one day own a magnificent multimillion-dollar mansion. Although he did not reveal the details of the other bedrooms, it is likely that the house comprises three bedrooms, providing ample comfort and security for the Omanyala family.