In memory of celebrated celebraties we lost in 2022

Catherine Kasavuli

She may have rested but Catherine Kasavuli will remain a celebrated news anchor who fought for her life until the last minute. Although she lost her battle to cancer – her memory remains fresh among her loved ones and fans.

Vioja Mahakami prosecutor (Gibson Gathu)

Gibson Gathu, who acted as the prosecutor in court drama Vioja Mahakamani passed on a few days ago makimg him the last celebrity to pass away in 2022. His demise came a big shock to many but like we are told Kazi ya mungu haina makosa.

Maina Olenywa

Nairobi half-life’ star Maina Olenywa rested a few months ago following healthy issues. His demise however was a big blow to the film industry as he was still young with a big vision that never got to see the light of day. He however remains in our memories through Nairobi Half life which has been doing quite well on Netflix.


He may not be remembered by kids from this generation but all i know is that Ngashville blessed the 80’s and 90’s babies with gospel music. He was among the pioneers of modern gospel music and thanks to his music – he will legacy will career on to the end of times.