Kenyans react furiously to govt. plan to help Turkey after earthquake -

Kenyans react furiously to govt. plan to help Turkey after earthquake

In unity with Turkey and Syria following a tragic earthquake, Kenya has publicized plans to transport foodstuffs and personnel to help residents of the affected nations. 

On Tuesday, February 7, Alfred Mutua the Cabinet Secretary of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs said Kenya would soon organize the transportation of foodstuffs.

“We have a responsibility to lend a hand to these two nations. I call upon Kenyans to join hands in extending material support that will alleviate human sufferings such as foodstuff, clothing, medical staff, and finances,” said Mutua.

In a joint meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to Kenya Subutay Yuksel, Mutua implored Kenyans of goodwill to join the initiative by contributing whatever can help those affected by the earthquake.

He also added that the government will communicate the collection point of the donated items.

Rather than supporting the CS, Kenyans took to their social media to disagree with his plea since there was drought and famine in the country, especially in Turkana which was a bigger concern.

Mwaniki craig-We are not food sufficient ourselves

 Rauaesther-😂😂😂tulend a hands na kule turkana situweshen Iko almost the same. Charity starts at home si kwa wenyewe. The audacity 😂😂

Otolokhakerereowanamache– People are dying of hunger in your backyard,the situation has overwhelmed you and you are busy telling us here of sending foodstuff abroad,misplaced priorities

jaden.vince-Donation to the Whites Nation 🤔

 Zacs47-Put the nation first ‼️acha story mingi mzee🤦‍♂️

pritty-Charity begins at home. . they should focus on Kenyans who are suffering in drought stricken areas , poverty-stricken, etc. . .

 s.h.i.f.u-Yet kenyans in wajir turkana and tana river areas are dying of hunger but yetu si emergency 😂