Ben Githae Set To Release BBI Popularization Song-“You will love it”.

Kikuyu gospel musician, Ben Githae has revealed that he is in the process of releasing a new song in a bid to popularize the BBI report.

Githae however, in the recent past has been on the receiving end after Kenyans accused him of brainwashing them to support Uhuru’s governance through his Tano Tena song.

“I sang that song without the President’s knowledge. But he liked it very much and later called me to pay me for it. When (Chief Justice David) Maraga nullified the initial song, I did the Wembe ni ule ule remix,” he told Jalang’o TV.

Githae added he’s been bashed for signing that song but is quick to add that he has no regrets.

“People look for me whenever they think there is a problem with the Jubilee government,” he added.

“They tell me ‘look at the people you promoted. Now they have failed to deliver’. Our President has tried his best under the prevailing challenges. Kenyans complained when they were caught up along Thika road during curfew hours, I wondered why some of them decided to blame me for that.”

With tthe fallout of President Uhuru and his deputy being openly seen, Githae’s next song might be a direct message from Uhuru to GEMA in what seems like a bid to woe the Mt Kenya region which is considered as among the vote rich regions.

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