“I Dropped Out Of Form 2 And Got Married”- Akothee’s Life Journey.

Kenyan content creator and singer Esther Akoth Kokeyo, famously known as Akothee, recently opened up about her remarkable life journey, offering valuable advice to her followers, urging them not to abandon their pursuits. Akothee candidly revealed that she made the decision to leave school during her second year of high school, opting for marriage as she believed it was her only viable path at the time.

Reflecting on her past, Akothee admitted that she initially did not appreciate the significance of education. She confessed, “I once viewed education as an obligation from afar. During my youth, I evaded school, oblivious to its true worth.” Dropping out of school and entering into marriage seemed like the logical choice for her back then, but life had different plans in store.

Marriage brought its own set of challenges, but it also served as a wake-up call for Akothee, making her realize the importance of completing her education. Despite shouldering immense responsibilities, including caring for her children, siblings, and family, Akothee never lost sight of her aspirations. It wasn’t until she achieved financial independence that she could reassess her priorities and focus on her personal growth.

In 2007, Akothee’s dream of pursuing education was reignited, prompting her to enroll at Nairobi University’s Mombasa branch. However, financial constraints forced her to defer her studies temporarily. Nevertheless, her determination to pursue education remained unwavering. Eventually, in 2013, she enrolled at Mount Kenya University, facing new challenges along the way, including the temptation of a glamorous lifestyle.

Despite these obstacles, Akothee realized that material luxuries could not fulfill the void left by her unfulfilled educational aspirations. Recognizing her own potential, she redirected her focus towards her academic pursuits. Today, Akothee stands as a living testament to the notion that it’s never too late to chase one’s dreams. The establishment of Akothee Academy symbolizes her journey from adversity to triumph.

Offering advice to those who may have halted their education for various reasons, Akothee encouraged them to resume their journey. She emphasized the importance of embracing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and reclaiming the dreams that were once set aside. As she embarks on her Master’s degree, Akothee sees her story not just as her own but as an inspiration to others. She views life as an ongoing journey of growth and learning, with each obstacle overcome marking a new chapter of resilience and success.

In two years’ time, Akothee hopes to conclude her Master’s journey, further solidifying her commitment to personal and academic growth.